Thursday, 19 May 2011

Kid v Barstool: the epic battle

I guess the title of my blog was especially apt last weekend, as while Norah was hanging out at my cousin's house she took a header off a barstool. FYI, in case you were not aware, people will Prince-face the fuck out of you if you mention that you kid fell off a barstool. The assumption apparently is that this occurred in an actual bar after a shot of jack. Which is totally ridic, since anyone who knows us knows that we only bring Norah to the bar on Fridays, and her drink of choice is vodka, not jack.

Anyway, apparently after several hours of going up and down the barstools with no issue whatsoever (this cousin also has four kids, all of whom navigate the barstools just fine), Norah fell off. And broke the fall with her face. My cousin was about 5 feet away from her, and said that she made no effort to break her fall with her hands, and seemed genuinely shocked when her face made impact. Seeing as she is the child of a man who once gave himself a concussion from trying to throw a rock but instead dropping it on his own head, I can believe it.

After a few hours in the ER, and needing to wrap her in blankets so she wouldn't kid the crap out of the doctor (I don't know what it is with this kid and doctors, but it's not a good scene), Norah is the proud recipient of 5 stitches.

Or "stars" as she likes to call them. Just ask her, she will proudly display her battle wounds:

(pic curtesy of my husband's iphone- I love the fact that she kind of looks like a zombie in search of a delicious meal of brains).

I just hope there is awhile before the inevitable sequels of "Kid v Couch" and "Kid v Stairs".


  1. You make taking a child to a bar sound like a bad thing. Who else is expected to be the designated driver?