Thursday, 19 May 2011

Back- Now Bigger and Bloggier

Ok, so apparently I royally suck ass at sticking with things. Or I'm really awesome at procrastination. Either way, after a handful of posting on the old blog, I pretty much abandoned it like a prom night baby.

But now that Viv is actually sleeping for more than 5 seconds at a time, Norah can be trusted not to play in traffic, and Chris can wipe his own ass, I gots some time on my hands. And you know me, if I don't actually do something productive with my time it will quickly escalate to hookers and blow.

So I'm back.

*cue the trumpets*

*cue the fanfare*

*cue the local LCBOs to stock up on box 'o wine*


  1. So long as you returned to your prom with no ill effect and danced the night away after dropping the crotchlet, you're gold.